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Catholic Marriage is a life long mystery of growth in love between two people and Jesus.

To be married at St Thomas the man and woman must have the maturity and depth to enter this growth and a commitment to the Catholic faith.


Book the date and time at least one year prior to your marriage. At St Thomas the charge for the use of the Church is $300.

$100 (non-refundable) is to be paid shortly after the initial booking is made in order that the booking can be confirmed, with the balance of $200 to be paid one month prior to the marriage taking place.

While there is never a charge for Sacraments, an honorarium to the celebrant is expected along the lines of a civil celebrant. As a guide, the cost of Registry Office weddings is $300. 

What documents are required?

Each person must obtain the following documents listed.

If either party has been married before:
You are required to provide a death certificate of former spouse
Decree of Nullity (from the Catholic Marriage Tribunal)
a Civil Divorce Decree

Birth Certificate 

Available from Registrar of Births & Deaths

Baptism Certificate

This must have been issued in the past six months and is available from the parish where you were baptised. 

International passports

If the person is not Australian by birth, proof of Australian citizenship or a visa is required.

Mixed Marriages

A mixed marriage is one where one party is a Catholic and the other party is not a Catholic. Permission can be given for a Catholic to marry one who is not a Catholic, provided that the Catholic promises to safeguard his/her own Catholic faith and to do all in his/her power to have the children of the marriage baptised and brought up as Catholic.

The partner who is not a Catholic is not required to make any promises but is informed of the expectations the Church has of the Catholic partner.

Marriages - Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation is a necessary part of every important thing we do and marriage is no different. Much time and effort usually go toward the planning and organising the wedding day, so too, preparation for the lifetime of marriage that comes after the wedding is an important part of being engaged. Please contact the Catholic Marriage Education Services on 9241 5000 or webpage: to arrange enrolment in the next available course.

The course will involve some input, individual reflections, couple sharing and group discussions.

You will also be required to meet with Fr Wayne, our Parish Priest of St Thomas.

The readings used at your marriage must be from the Scriptures. Parish Priest can supply copies of suitable readings on request.

The music at your marriage may be live or on a CD; it must be ‘sacred music’. The words of the songs that are chosen need to reflect the values and beliefs of the Church. Very few popular love songs meet this requirement. It is suggested that such songs are played at the wedding reception, but are not to be part of the marriage ceremony.

There is also Music Copyright requirements which need to be strictly followed. You will need to contact Dr Jane Courtney, the St Thomas Parish Music Co-ordinator, before your wedding booklets are printed, to let her know which songs you have chosen for your wedding. She will then be able to advise you if Copyright applies to any of the songs you have chosen.

Dr Courtney’s email address is: [email protected]

It is important that you contact Dr Courtney about the music for your wedding.

You will need to arrange for your own florist to provide and arrange the flowers for your wedding. Any queries concerning what is permissible with regards to floral arrangements in the Church are to be directed to Prue Pupazzoni, the Parish Secretary (contactable here).

You are required to leave at least one floral arrangement on the Church Sanctuary after your wedding so that there will be flowers for the weekend Masses which are to follow.

Many couples decide to produce a Wedding Booklet. This booklet will need to be viewed at a meeting with your Priest prior to the marriage.

Please contact the Parish Office here to arrange an appointment.


2 College Road, Corner of Melville Parade, Claremont WA 6010


Parish Priest: Fr Wayne Davis
Secretary: Prue Pupazzoni

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 9384 0598


Please send us your ideas, and queries using the contact form above. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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