Besides our parish school activities, we have five unique programmes for our youth.  The first of these is our Sacramental Catechists Programme for our children in non-Catholic Schools.  Headed by Silvia Kinder and Jennie Hutton, these children are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation.

Our Saturday Vigil Mass at 5.30pm, is geared for young children.  While they participate fully  in the Mass as Readers, Collectors and bell ringers, through this Mass the children are taught the sign of the Cross, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, the Profession of our Faith and the meaning behind the Eucharistic Prayer of the Mass.

Sunday mornings at the 9.30am Mass we have Liturgy of the Word for children.  Chelsea Preston, Fred Chaney, Ann Johnson and many others set about teaching the children about each Sunday’s Readings.

Sunday nights we have our 6.30pm Mass geared for young adults 15 – 25 years old.  The choir is open to all, meets at 5.30pm, to practice, share and get to know each other and the theme of the evening liturgy.

Finally, under the guidance of Acolytes David Cohen and John Doherty we have active and educated Altar Servers: boys and girls.  Here the children learn responsibility for the Mass, the great gift Jesus gives to us all.

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