From My Window…

How good it is to be home amidst familiar surrounds, smells and sounds. As they say, there’s no place like your own bed and pillow. I had a wonderful time visiting with my family, especially with my great-nephew and great-niece, Talon and Aurora, who have boundless energy and love. They are active and fun-loving little people. I had a wonderful time spoiling them, like all Uncles should do. Connecting with the family again was life-giving and renewing. There is something special about being in the loving arms of your family, a feeling that no one else can give you. It is that special bond that you share with each and every one of them. I am very lucky indeed, as I have several families I belong to. My own flesh and blood family, whom I love dearly and to whom and for whom I would give everything I have; my extended family and friends who nurture me and make me who I am, which includes the parish and school families of St Thomas’; my adoptive Ma and Pa, John and Joan Pope, who have been a part of me for nearly 30 years; their son, Stephen and daughter, Karen and their families. All of these various families are precious and dear to me, and each day I thank God for the blessings He has shown me through them. Treasure your families and friends, they are one of the gifts of God to you. I leave you with a thought:

“How important is your family to you, and how important are you to your family.”  Fr Wayne  


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